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Best of Te Wiki o Te reo Māori online

Our senior consultant Richard Irvine runs his eye over the week’s online kōrero and picks out the best bits.

Arguably, every week is Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori online. Our indigenous language is an integral part of our online kōrero, but this week saw an explosion of Reo with media outlets, businesses and artists all contributing. We loved seeing Te Reo being celebrated, and the efforts put in to help everyone learn something new, a little at a time, using our new communication tools. Here’s some of our favourites.

Snackable or nothing
Someone wise once said ‘A person tired of GIFs is tired of life’, so Māori Television’s set of Reo GIFs is crucial. These are high quality, group chat ready and an easy way to integrate Te Reo into your online kōrero and increase everyone’s knowledge. Ka rawe.

Similarly, Olly Coddington’s #wahaworkouts recognises people learn a little at a time – let’s make it easy, if everyone picks up a little Reo this week, we’ll all lift our game together. Tau kē!

Morning Reo
We’re great fans of Morning Report’s Te Reo – it’s an example for all broadcasters on how using our indigenous language enhances our understanding and conversations.  It’s presented as part of the show, no big deal, which is how it should be. Co-host Guyon Espiner wrote about his Te Reo journey for The Spinoff and, topically, held a politics kōrero with Mihingarangi Forbes.

Getting it right
Macrons are important for understanding and pronunciation – and people want help. Anyone needing their ā’s and ō’s have been in luck this week with comprehensive instructions on adding macrons on your computer or phone. Get it done.

Rip it up and start again 
Everything’s up for a remix these days – that goes for Hollywood blockbuster Moana, which was released this week in Te Reo (can we have Frozen next please?). Then, 2000’s banger Not Many If Any, covered in Reo by up and coming rapper Rei, along with Dave Dobbyn’s Nau mai rā (Welcome Home) for the NZ Herald. Super work!

Pass it on! 
Being from the Bay, we’re stoked to see the Steamers getting on board – keep their Instagram handy when you’re watching the Test this Saturday night – someone pick up the pōro!