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New year, new… Communications tools?

Just about everywhere you go, you’re hearing “New year, new me”. This year is no exception.

The classic resolutions are being thrown around about maybe drinking less, and maybe getting outside more.

With all hopes being pinned on 2022 being better than its predecessor, you might be thinking: “How can I guarantee that the year is riddled with successful communications, if nothing else?”

The C2 tīma has a brief list of things you may want to consider as you head into the New Year, with your sights firmly set on making it a great 12 months.

Being (pro)active.

Reaching out to your stakeholders because you want to, not just because you need to, is like dropping a friend a line out of the blue to say: “hey, I’m thinking of you.” It can leave the recipient with a warm fuzzy feeling, it makes them feel valued in the relationship, and it leaves a glisten on your reputation.

It’s a similar concept for your communications tools. By engaging with your audiences proactively – whether that be staff, customers, or anyone else – you are letting them know you have considered their needs without being prompted.

It’s a great, simple step for your communications in 2022 and it can be tackled in a few easy ways. For example, creating an account on websites like Hootsuite. Hootsuite links all your social media platforms together and allows you to schedule posts whenever it suits you, for whenever it suits you.

By consistently sharing online or other channels, you’re letting stakeholders know you want to talk to them about what you’re doing, what you’re thinking, and why. It helps foster strong bonds, which will also help you in 2022 to achieve your other goals beyond just communications.

Sometimes life gets in the way, and things do inevitably happen, leaving you with no choice but to act reactively. That’s okay. If you do find yourself in that situation, lean on people you know for help – including C2.

Listen to your stakeholders more than you talk

It may feel easy to get up on your figurative soap box and say your piece. It is your story after all, isn’t it? Why shouldn’t you tell it exactly the way you want to?

You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. It is more important to listen than it is to talk, and you need to be heard to be understood.

It’s the same with communications. Choosing Twitter as your main platform to communicate might seem like a great idea, until you realise your target demographic is your staff, who all have face-to-face touchpoints with their line managers and would prefer to hear something from them.

Listening to your stakeholders and what they want from their communications can set you on a great path for the year, as it boosts the value of your relationship with your stakeholders. They feel their needs are being satisfied by you, so they might be more inclined to stick around – even when the going gets tough.

Try some new things: a new platform; more video

The new year always prompts a desire to expand one’s horizons, and why not bring that enthusiasm into your communications tools? By trying a new platform, or a new tool such as video, you’re able to do just that.

As the world ever evolves in digital spaces, new trendy platforms pop up. Tik Tok is a prime example of an app taking the world by storm recently. The short videos shared don’t require extensive attention in a world where everyone feels time-poor, and they’re visually enticing too. Investigating new sites or streams, and whether they can facilitate your goals is a great way to try something new.

Video is also something you might want to consider in the New Year. Yes, the world is increasingly digital, but people still crave connection. Video is the best of both worlds. For example, a video from the leaders telling external stakeholders about a new direction puts a face to the message, even if it’s behind a screen.

During COVID-19, it’s becoming increasingly hard to meet kanohi ki te kanohi (face-to-face). A video can help to bridge some of the social gap by inserting a human touch and emotions into the message.

Happy New Year to you and yours, from the C2 tīma. Whatever your new year brings and new goals you set, please know we are here to help you achieve your communications resolutions.