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Who knew ‘re-gramming’ is a no-no?

School-up on social media risks with our expert Jamie Bell

Based on current New Zealand copyright law, you can be taken to court for “re-gramming” (re-posting an Instagram post), but sharing the Herald’s article on Facebook is okay, in fact encouraged…

Social media is full of the unknown. Should you list your workplace on your personal Facebook page? Not sure? Better check your company’s social media policy, it should answer all these questions for you …

If you’re struggling to find this social media policy, you are not alone. According to Social Business News it is estimated around 76% of companies who engage in social don’t actually have a policy.

Increasingly organisations are running into issues associated with social media. Problems range from public backlash, illegalities and errors made in social media posts, to employees crossing the line on their personal pages.

Take Air New Zealand for example, gaining attention in recent months after photos showing the airline’s staff behaving inappropriately leaked on social media.

Unfortunately, a social media policy isn’t always going to prevent debacles like this from occurring, but it’s something an organisation can attempt to hang its hat on when it all hits the fan.

Put simply, having a solid policy or guideline document is a good idea. The format and what is deemed relevant will depend on your business, but as a rule the policy should be easily accessible and include all necessary information around employee conduct.

Social media is largely still unchartered territory for many businesses. Good policy and management is the best seatbelt your business can use to minimise risk in the social space. The social storm is happening whether you like it or not, and as businesses we need to learn to buckle up and ride the wave.

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