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Staying connected through Covid-19 isolation

Temporarily gone are the days of kanohi ki te kanohi meetings. Zoom calls are making a comeback, and so are the mismatched business shirts and pyjama pants combinations we’re all secretly rocking under our desks at home.

 But good communications are just as crucial today as a face mask and staying in our bubbles, to ensure we stay connected to colleagues, clients, and their audiences too.

Restrictions around Aotearoa have prompted many of us to rely on technology to stay in touch, and to work alongside each other.

C2 firmly believes the most honest and enriching conversations happen kanohi ki te kanohi. But in lieu of this being an option, video chatting programmes are a great alternative – whether that be with colleagues or clients.

Staying connected to your colleagues at home is vital for your well-being, and your working relationships. It boosts the sense of community that workplaces so often are. It gives you a chance to bounce ideas off each other, collaborate, and encourage each other through this tough time.

Quite simply: it removes some of the isolation from Covid-19.

When it comes to using video chat programmes with clients, it allows you to see the faces behind the message and get a firm grasp on their “why”.

The “why” drives everything we do as people, and as communicators too. It’s the essence of what matters to you, to us, and to your audience. The magic happens when everyone knows your purpose and does the mahi to bring that to life.  

Sharing the “why” is just as critical as understanding it behind closed doors. Social media has become increasingly important as a messaging tool for communications.

Captive minds are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various other platforms, looking for the next tidbit of information. These sites are among many where you might like to consider as a tool.

The Ministry of Health – Manatū Hauora is a prime example of quick, yet effective use of social media.

A picture paints a thousand words, and by the Ministry’s use of its renowned yellow Covid-19 branding, it told a story of one very dreaded sentence: community cases of Covid-19 have returned.

And the important “why” for the Ministry of Health in its messaging? To keep us all safe from this ghastly virus, whatever it takes.

If your business needs help with its communications through this uncertain time, get in touch. Help is only one Zoom call away.

Remember to stay home when you can, get a test if you’re unwell, and schedule plenty of Zoom catchups with loved ones and colleagues. A familiar face can always lighten a gloomy lockdown mood.